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Hotham 365 captures the interest of everyone

Hotham 365 captures the interest of everyone

Age is no barrier for friends Margaret Hurd (aged 62) and Pam Morris-Shakespeare (aged 86) who took on Hotham 365 in December 2016.

The two ladies from Wangaratta have been visiting Mount Hotham over summer for the last three years and heard about Hotham 365 during their recent stay at Mountain Dreaming Apartments, which is located at The General on the Great Alpine Road.

Hotham 365 is a recent addition to Mount Hotham which is an indoor ski and snowboard slope, designed for an all season downhill gravity experience. The new facility is a great way to learn skills or practice old skills during the green season, when real snow isn’t viable.

Ms Morris-Shakespeare said she had always wanted to try skiing again and when she heard about Hotham 365, she couldn’t resist not giving it a go.

“It was more for the fun aspect is why I came here, but at the same time it brings back the skills that I used to have,’ Ms Morris-Shakespeare said.

“I really enjoyed Hotham 365 and the patience of the instructor Ari, and Jon, who fortunately was on the on and off switch button, which made all the difference.

“To do this over the summer in a safe and social environment is perfect for me to be able to pick up the skills I’ve forgotten, and eventually I might be game to come up at winter time and try.

“I would definitively recommend older people to have a go, it’s not dangerous and they will enjoy it,” she said.

The training facility includes two indoor ski slopes with mirrors, which simulates a similar feel and discipline required on real slopes and is perfect for all. Skiers, racers and snowboarders can utilise the facility for pre-season training to improve their strength and technique and prepare for the upcoming winter.

Ms Margaret Hurd said that she had decided to try Hotham 365 to keep her friend company, but soon realised how much it could improve her own skills.

“I think I surprised myself by being able to move my legs to that extent, and being able to see myself in the mirror, and to see how much control I have,” Ms Hurd said.

“Hotham 365 is wonderful, because if you have never skied in the snow before it can be a bit daunting, but here you can stop or be as slow or fast as you want.

“I think Hotham 365 is a great initiative to have over summer, and I hope that people will wake up to it and know that it is here,” she said.


Hotham 365 is open for bookings on 03 5759 3550 or


10 February 2017