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Volunteer Ski Patroller Keith Brandenberger will be missed by everyone

Keith Brandenberger was a well-respected member of the Mount Hotham community and Ski Patrol, a long-time visitor to Mount Hotham and a member of Jalanga Lodge.

He joined the Jalanga Ski Club in 1980, eventually becoming President of the club in 1990, a position he held for the last 27 years.

Keith joined the Mount Hotham Ski Patrol early on as a volunteer and enjoyed being part of the team and helping people.

He was a terrific downhill skier, who then became a cross country skier and fell in love with the trails and all variations of traditional cross country – a master of all.

Captain of the Mount Hotham Volunteer Ski Patrol David Wilson described his friend as “one of the real gentlemen of the world” and someone who had a passion for Mount Hotham and helping people get excited about the Patrol.

“For a long time and in recent years he has been a backbone for our cross country patrol,” Mr Wilson said.

“He was the one I relied on and the rock we could count on rocking up and training the new people and he’d put them under his wing.

“He loved the involvement and the patrol, and the opportunity to train people and keep the trails safe.

“He was a quiet, lovely gentle guy who was super-efficient, always fit and keen, and gone way too early. He will be sorely missed,” he said.

Member of Jalanga Ski Club Catherine Hand said that Keith was an all-rounder at the club and would be missed by everyone.

“We at Jalanga Ski Club are going to miss Keith who was always there to help in any way that was needed, whether it was painting that needed doing or unblocking pipes, teaching members or guests skiing - he had the patience of a saint,” Ms Hand said.

“Most of all, his smile when you walk in the door at Jalanga. He will be greatly missed by all,” she said.

Keith was also a paid ski patroller at Lake Mountain near his home in Healesville.  He would do three to four days a week up there then travel to Mount Hotham and do the remainder days here as a volunteer ski patroller who never lost his enthusiasm for patrolling.

He was a keen golfer and enjoyed his hiking in the summer months. He was a teacher by trade and there were people who came to work in patrol that Keith had taught at school in previous years.

Keith will always be remembered by the Mount Hotham community as someone who was happy in himself and happy in his life and really committed to Mount Hotham and its ski patrol.


11 April 2017