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Hotham Clean Up Day, 14 November 2017

Hotham Clean Up Day, 14 November 2017

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board and the Mt Hotham Skiing Company teamed up on Tuesday, 14 November to help clean up Hotham after the melting of the snow from the big season, with the annual ‘Clean Up Hotham Day’.

The team got together at 9am to action their plan of attack and were issued with disposable gloves and black plastic bags. Areas covered for rubbish included around Swindlers building and Zirky’s Gully.

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board’s Environmental Officer, Bev Lawrence, said that the clean-up was successful and that the clean-up will be continuous over the next few days.

“Four crew from Ski Co came over and did Swindlers building, Zirkys’ Gully and end of clean-up we had back Kaboda full – hard rubbish, broken conduit, big pieces of plastic and large pieces of cardboard that wouldn’t fit in a bag but had 10 bags of rubbish which was a really good effort,” she said.

“It’s ongoing, doing more this week and its one of those things that is continuous, however we formalise it by having a clean-up day every year just to get everyone together.

“Next year we may advertise it earlier and choose a day when most of the staff are available to help, and we might also organise a BBQ.

“Lots of little lady birds and small birds out at the moment, everything is just waking up after the winter and its looking very pretty.

The Hovea montana flower is currently in bloom and you can find it around the resort. Other flowers will be in bloom throughout the green season.

16 November 2017