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Howling Huskys return to Mount Hotham for 2017, bigger and better!

Howling Huskys return to Mount Hotham for 2017, bigger and better!

Looking for something different to do at the snow over winter? Howling Huskys are bringing their canine tribe back to Mount Hotham for another great season of sled dog adventures, and will also be running other alternative activities out of Wire Plain.

This season, Howling Huskys has expanded and will now be operating Snow Stuff Park with the snowmobiles and tobogganing area, and an exciting new experience with laser skirmish.

This year, the program will offer three different types of sled dog tours which range from 30 minutes to 75 minutes.

Manager of Howling Huskys Jake Greaves said that his huskies were at their maximum level of fitness and that they were trained and ready for the conditions.

“When you have dogs in race clubs they are trained as sprinted athletes – my dogs are now trained to be a long-distance athlete with a body builder physique – they are built for strength and endurance,” Mr Greaves said.

“I currently have three puppies that are six weeks old, so those little guys will be hanging out and about throughout the season to get a feel for the snow – obviously too young at this stage to work.

“Most of my dogs are rescue dogs that we have taken from shelters around Australia. Because they have come from everywhere, this then becomes their stable place, so when they retire we keep them here,” he said.

In addition to this, Howling Huskys team will also be operating the first alpine snow-based laser tag, which has never been done in Australia. The laser skirmish will operate outdoors in the snow with laser guns that have been trialled in Finland. The all new activity will operate from Wire Plain and will be set up as an outdoor course near the taboggan run.

Mr Greaves said that his idea to run laser skirmish “came to mind along the way”, while carrying out other activities over the summer.

“This summer, I started up a 4x4 experience from Dinner Plain, where we pick up and take our tours up in the High Country area, and by doing that we just came up with laser skirmish,” Mr Greaves said.

“We will be the snow-based laser skirmish and all completely outdoors - these laser guns are actually built for outdoors – it’s a different kind of game.

“It reminds me of that computer game, Call of Duty, being outside in the snow with all the different barriers to hide behind, and we will have snow suits for camouflage.

“Wire Plain is going to have a lot of activities and it will all be the Howling Husky’s’ crew!” he said.

Hot drinks and hot food will be available at Whiskey Flat at the Snow Stuff Park office where merchandise, toboggan and other hire equipment will be available.

For booking enquiries email Howling Huskys at, or call 0488 040 308.

For more information on any of the other activities mentioned email

18 May 2017