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Lodges fire into action

Lodges fire into action

It’s been a busy summer of working bees and maintenance works for many of the lodges up at Mount Hotham.

Every year, members of the ski lodges set to work and put their time and effort into helping Mount Hotham maintain a high standard of presentation and fire-readiness.

Mount Hotham has over one hundred lodges with the resort, each with its own characteristics, history and unique designs. Many lodges have long-standing members who have been part of the lodges since their establishment and those who have been members since their early years.

Lodges are a unique part of Mount Hotham history and continue to provide warm, friendly and comfortable accommodation with communal living spaces.

Gravbrot Ski Club, The Lodge Ski Club, Kalyna Ski Club, Leeton Ski Club and many more lodges have been carrying out working bees and general maintenance on their building over the summer.

Members from Eumarellah Ski Club have invested hours of working bees and external maintenance such as clearing grass and combustibles around the lodge, restocking wood supply in readiness for winter and general maintenance such as painting, cleaning, repairing lighting and making sure the lodge is welcome ready for Opening Weekend in June.

Kongoola Ski Club has had some major ongoing renovations to their lodge the past two years including the construction of four new ensuite rooms and a new gaming room with new facilities.  Working bees are no stranger to the lodge who carry out 12 to 15 a year. They have another working bee for the upcoming weekend where they will be finishing off external wall bricklaying works, restoring of window frames and weatherproofing the outside structure and fire-proofing.

Swindlers Valley Ski Club have been doing weatherproofing, painting, maintenance and new arrangements in the kitchen and replacing old doors and locks.

Mount Hotham appreciates the work carried out by the lodges over the summer and thanks all their members who have participated in helping the resort stay clean and presentable all-year-round.

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19 April 2017