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Mount Hotham weddings are second to none

Mount Hotham weddings are second to none

When it comes to love, it has no limits. There is no better location to celebrate a couple’s life together than on top of the alpine plethora of Mount Hotham, where everything is limitless.

Imagine you make your way up the winding road which cuts through the mountain, and then you arrive on top where your eyes gaze over layers of picturesque mountain ranges. The breeze is cool, the sunset saturates the mountains in shades of pink and orange, whilst you sit out on the balcony with a glass of bubbly and some tapas before a big weekend of celebrations.

Mount Hotham prides itself in having the perfect wedding experience, with the help from local businesses who organise, cater and accommodate weddings over the green season.

The General is no stranger to weddings, having already hosted five weddings since November 2016 with up to 240 guests at one time. The venue is located at Hotham Heights and is nestled close to lodges, with their own set of beautiful and modern self-contained Mountain Dreaming Apartments which offer jaw-dropping sunset views of the mountains.

Receptions that are held at The General are presented by spectacular food, with a combination of roving food platters and fixed menus delivered to the guests in the outside terraces, balconies and quiet upstairs function rooms.

Ceremonies have taken place at The General garden terrace, the Summit and Champagne Point on Canning Straight. All venues boast with striking views and beautifully articulated wedding decor which are perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

Part-owner of The General, Stephen Pennington, said that Mount Hotham was a unique destination to hold weddings throughout the green season.

“The uniqueness is clearly the natural backdrop and our position here to provide first class catering on top of this mountain,” Mr Pennington said.

“The photo opportunities and drama that the ever-changing sky produces is also a major difference. That sense of isolation of having the whole place to yourself for you and your guests.

“The nature of a couple’s relationship with the mountain also impacts here. If they are club lodge based then they will use those affiliations to supply bedding options for guests.  

“We provide contact and booking details for the group of lodges we know will take booking this time of year,” he said.

Hotel High Plains also cater for the wedding scene at Mount Hotham. The hotel is a boutique venue which is nestled amongst snow gums in the architecturally distinctive mountain village of Dinner Plain. Receptions are held at the venue and include a variety of food options that will get your taste buds buzzing and your mouth watering.

Alice Gaylard and Ryan Bennie recently celebrated their wedding at Mount Hotham in March. Up to 70 guests attended the ceremony on top of the Summit which presented a 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and Mt Feathertop.

The mountain has a special place in Mr Bennie’s heart having worked up here for the Resort Management over the years.

Many elements of the wedding incorporated a connection between the bride, who is from the coast, and the groom who has an association with Mount Hotham.

The bride used Geelong based businesses, from the florist to the cake to the dress and the jewellery, while the groom chose the location.

The wedding ceremony was described by the bride as “simple and elegant” with one of her favourite moments being the reading of the vows.

“It was a nice simple ceremony, very us, very simple and the whole wedding itself matched our personalities, so to have it up there was boho and country,” Mrs Bennie said.

“We were just down from the hut looking over Mt Feathertop; the weather was a light breeze and sunny with blue skies.

“The vows and ceremony, that was great because I hadn’t heard his vows before and he was just amazing.

“We had dinner at The General and then the speeches were around 8.30pm which was really beautiful and we then had dancing and desert.

"The speeches in the reception were great because my two best friends that couldn’t be there had written a speech.

“I was blown away by The Genny who set up the reception. It was one of the best days because everything went smoothly.

“We had the wedding at Mount Hotham because we had the engagement at the coast and it was important to me to make sure Ryan had a connection with our lives, to make sure he had a say in it because he too had a place that he was connected.

“Our first home together was Hotham, we lived in the Arlberg, so that was our connection as well.

To find out more about booking a wedding up at Mount Hotham, contact The General - (03) 5759 3523 or Hotel High Plains - (03) 5159 6324.

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20 April 2017