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Hotham365 opens its doors during the day









If you haven’t already heard about Mount Hotham’s indoor ski slope then you need to get down to Slatey Shed Bus Stop 11.

Hotham365 is a young addition to the mountain designed for an all season downhill gravity experience. The new facility is a great way to learn skills or practice old skills outside of the winter season, and an alternative to the real slopes when the weather is poor outside.

Manager of Hotham365 James Chitty said that Hotham365 was a great facility for those who were new to skiing and snowboarding.

“Hotham365 is in a controlled environment where you can learn how to ski without heaps of people around, and you don’t have to worry about getting cold and wet, so you can focus on learning how to ski,” Mr Chitty said.

“It’s a really good opportunity on a poor weather day to improve on your skiing.

“We have three qualified ski instructors who have that knowledge and are able to pass it down to those who are learning to ski,” he said.

The training facility includes two indoor ski slopes with mirrors, which simulates a similar feel and discipline required on real slopes. Skiers, racers and snowboarders can utilise the facility for pre-season training to improve their strength and technique.

Hotham365 is now be open from 1.00pm – 6.00pm every day, except for Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Come down via the free village bus and have some fun for just $15 per session inclusive with skis, boots, helmets and boards.

Hotham365 is open for bookings on (03) 5759 3550 or email.

20 July 2017