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Tour de Cure is on their way from Hotham to Hobart

Tour de Cure is on their way from Hotham to Hobart

Cyclists peddled into action when Tour de Cure launched its 11th Signature Tour at Mount Hotham on Friday 24 March 2017.

The aim of the Tour is to raise funds and awareness to help find a cure for cancer. A team of 120 cyclists, 35 support crew and the crew from Channel 7 Sunrise are currently riding from Hotham to Hobart and will donate $10,000 to a local charity or cause for every overnight stop over.

The team have been visiting schools along the way for Tour de Cure Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program.

The tour commenced on Thursday night for the Riding for a Cure dinner at The General in Mount Hotham. The night included speeches, presentations and a shared feast. Tour de Cure presented their first cheque at the dinner to Camp Quality who supports kids aged zero to thirteen who are growing up with cancer. The charity has supported 10,000 families nationally and has been a recipient of Tour de Cure in previous years.

Fundraising Specialist for Camp Quality Jo McKeown said that Camp Quality was “grateful” for the support from Tour de Cure and that the donation would go towards supporting kids who are going through treatment.

“Camp quality really believes that kids deserve to be kids and that’s what we try to make happen,” Ms McKeown said.

“Kids are impacted whether they are a child with diagnosis or if it is someone they love who has a diagnosis.

“We are really focusing on making our programs relevant to those kids in that capacity, to make sure they don’t miss out on being a kid because they are impacted in that way, which means they miss out on school camps, sleepovers and playdates, so that’s what Camp Quality give back to them.

 “It’s all based on optimism and resilient, so we give the kids tools to build better lifestyles for themselves while they are on the cancer experience.

“With these funds, we can bring 15 families to Hotham in June to get away from cancer”, she said.

Currently, the tour is headed towards Inverloch where they will talk to local schools and donate $10,000 to the OTIS Foundation which supports those with breast cancer.

Tour de Cure team cyclist Jamie Sinclair is on his third Signature Tour and decided to join three years ago after his nephew was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy.

“While we were on that tour a few years ago, he was under chemotherapy, so that’s what started it and that’s what’s kept me doing it, and I think once you’re in you just get absorbed in that whole story,” Mr Sinclair said.

“Along with the give every night the check is usually given to a representative who will talk in some way about what is happening.

“It might be a cancer story or a support service or there is an individual or family that might be struggling so there is a story every night,” he said.

Tour de Cure team cyclist and Swifts Creek local David Hall is an inspiration for all, having experienced the effects of cancer in many stages of his life.

It’s been a pretty personal journey,” Mr Hall said.

“In the last 12 months, I have managed to raise the best part of $25,000, so I’m pretty happy with it.

“One of the inspirations for doing this year’s tour was when they announced the cause from Hotham to Hobart is that I used to live in Tassie and I have lived in Swift’s Creek for the last six years, so it’s very much home turf and former home turf, so I really could not do it,” he said.

General Manager of Mount Hotham Skiing Company Belinda Trembath was delighted to be a part of this year’s tour and said that the tour was a great opportunity for kids to be involved.

“I have met some great people and heard some great stories, so I’m looking forward to going to the primary schools as well.

“Once we get the opportunity to do that I think it’s going to be magic how the kids respond to the riders and to the stories and I believe that’s really a special part of the tour,” Ms Trembath said.

Ms Trembath rode the first stage of the tour over the weekend and is determined to raise further funds.

Director of Development for Tour de Cure Geoff Coombes said that it was a “spectacular start to the tour” up at Mount Hotham.

“Hotham is a summer and a winter playground and I thought what a way to start by bringing the team to the top and then ride all the way down to the bottom, so it is a special way to commemorate our 11th year.

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27 March 2017