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A van that helps you arrive safely at the snow

A van that helps you arrive safely at the snow

It can be a tough gig, standing out next to an icy road in the freezing cold weather for hours on end, but that’s exactly what some of the guys and girls at Hoy’s Skis do for a job over winter.

If you’re heading up to Mount Hotham and you’re new to the snow, or if you are just not very good at putting snow chains on your car tyres, Hoys Chain Fitting Services is there to help you!

Hoys Chain Fitting Services have been in operation for more than 30 years, after buying the business off Stadelmanns Enterprises Pty as a complimentary service to their chain hire service in Harrietville. As one of the leading and most knowledgeable experts on snow chains in Australia, Hoys can fit your chains safely and securely without you even having to step foot out of your car.

The mobile service can be found in the designated chain fitting bays between Harrietville and Mount Hotham with experts on site to do the job. They can get you up to Mount Hotham and onto the slopes in no time.

Co-Manager of Hoys Skis and Manager of Mount Hotham Chain Fitting Services Paddy Hoy said that chains were something that needed to be taken seriously.

“As it is a pretty serious safety issue, its best for people who are inexperienced that they get as much help as they require,” Mr Hoy said.

“The best advice that I can give people is don’t keep driving up the hill if you are no longer able to get traction on the road, the guys at Hoys are experienced and they can help.

“Snow chains do damage to vehicles when they fail – most fails of snow chains are usually because they aren’t put on correctly, they are the wrong size, or they are driven in such a fashion that they will break and, if you continue to drive with a broken chain you can do significant panel damage to your vehicle.

“Australian tyres are considerably different to the tyres used in Europe. We use a hard compound which makes our tyres last a lot longer but makes it very poor to drive on snow and ice.

“My advice for people coming to Mount Hotham is don’t rent a chain off someone who hasn’t put the chain on your tyre,” he said.

Hoys Chain Fitting Service operates from 8am Monday to Sunday. They can fit chains from their stores in the Corral Car Park at Mount Hotham, Jack Frost complex near Davenport area and in Dinner Plain.

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Benefits of getting your snow chains fitted by professionals:

  1. Obviously, convenience, you don’t have to get out of the car if you don’t want to
  2. They know a lot more about chains then the average person does, and will most likely do it a lot faster, more consistent and safer
  3. Chance of you having problems is considerably less if you get help from the pros
  4. Fitting chains is not the most pleasant way to start your holiday. No one wants to spend 20 minutes lying under a car battling away, especially if you don’t really know what you are doing
  5. Professionals can assess whether the chain is appropriate for your vehicle - quite often you can put a chain on the car and it will look fine but it isn’t.



30 June 2017