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Mount Hotham Junior Free Ride Competition kicks off on Saturday, 16 September 2017

Mount Hotham Junior Free Ride Competition is one of the biggest and most popular Junior Big Mountain Competition in Australia and is located right here, at Hotham, at the top of Canyon Run. The event was established by Mount Hotham Free Ski (MHFS) who collaborate closely with Mt Hotham Skiing Company (MHSC.

In its third year running, the program is building a very strong momentum nationally with individual competitors and teams of Free Riders travelling from Perisher, Thredbo, Falls Creek and Mt Buller. 

The Junior Free Ride Competitions are encouraged by world champion competitors creating a new generation of pathways for Free Riders and Big Mountain skier and boarders within Australia.

Internationally, Big Mountain skiing and boarding is currently one of the most popular snow sports with young ones moving out of the parks at a younger age, to go back country to ski/board big mountain terrain. 

The competition course has natural hips and hits via cliffs, large man-made features (jumps) with a strong vertical descent. Each ski and boarder competitor chooses their own Big Mountain descent line down the mountain through the designed and natural features creating their own expression of skiing the terrain. They are then scored on their individual fluid fast confident lines, with points deducted for crashes and touch downs. 

All Free Skiing disciplines especially back country add to the young competitors training.  Parks - Slope Style - All Skiing/Boarding Mountain Terrain training assist in the development of a competitor to make informed decisions to become a Big Mountain competitor - mountain experience is a must! 

Nat Segal travelled to Mount Hotham to mentor and help grow the Junior Free Rider community nationally. Her knowledge and assistance is significant to Mount Hotham and the development of the next generation.  The competition has seen more competitors this winter, including Harro (famous photographer) from Mt Buller who host the Buller X Big Mountain Competition next week prior to the Junior Free Ride Competition. An added congratulation to MHFS top coaches who have been chosen to compete in the Buller X - Coen Bennie-Faull & Danny Foster. 

Business Development Manager, Vanessa Rowley said that competition was a great opportunity for competitors to demonstrate their skills.

“The competitors have such an excitement and exhilaration showcasing their experience and talents to all and be judged to win. It is a fantastic spectators event, watch by hundreds of people,” Mrs Ramsey said.

“It is a standalone competition with a huge prestige presence for any competitor especially the winners.”

Mount Hotham Junior Free Ride Competition kicks off on Saturday, 16 September 2017 at the Canyon Run (Heavenly Valley).  Register online at or via

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07 September 2017