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‘Come and try X C Skiing and Biathlon Camp’ sees Moogji youth experience cross country skiing and Biathlon

Young members of the Moogji Aboriginal Council from Orbost in far East Gippsland travelled to Mount Hotham last Saturday to participate in a ‘Come and try X C Skiing and Biathlon Camp’ which allowed them to participate in, and experience, the fun of snowsports.

The program was initiated and run by East Gippsland Biathlon Club (EGBC) who saw a real benefit in encouraging the indigenous community to participate and become more involved in alpine sports over winter.

The camp commenced on Saturday morning at the Moogji Centre in Orbost, where supervisors and the children travelled to Mount Hotham in convoy.  A skiing lesson at Wire Plain saw some of the kids attempt cross country skiing for the first time with a lesson to help them learn new skills, before tackling a second lesson after lunch and skiing their way up the Wonderland Trail.

EGBC Secretary, Cameron Morton said the camp facilitated the children to learn important skills and knowledge about cross country skiing.

“The participants learnt about the importance of drinking lots of water and how to dress for cross country skiing, amongst other things,” Mr Mortonsaid.

“Everyone was amazed at the natural beauty of the environment and were in awe when it began snowing with a rainbow emerging in the east.

 “It was amazing to see the kids pick up cross country skiing quickly and enjoy the challenge,” he said.

Saturday night saw the group camp out at Swifts Creek Secondary College, where they played card games and socialised. Overnight, high speed winds resulted in several trees fallen over the road on the drive to Hotham.  Due to these high winds, the group decided not to undertake the Biathlon shooting session at Whiskey Flat on Sunday.

Instead, a tour was organised for the group to walk around the range and learn about the sport from ex-Olympian and EGBC club coach Cameron Morton, before spending the remainder of the day tobogganing and enjoying the snow.

The EGBC and Moogji Aboriginal Council would like to thank Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management for their support of the program and the Swifts Creek P – 12 School for their generosity in letting them camp out at the college.

With the weekend being a major success, and everyone enjoying themselves, they are going to work towards making the ski camp at Mount Hotham an annual initiative for the youth of Moogji.

09 September 2017