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Hotham Daily XC Report

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XC Snow Conditions

Overnight Snowfall: cm
Average Natural
XC Snow Conditions:
Date of Last Snowfall:
48 Hour Snowfall: cm
7 Day Snowfall: cm
XC Summary:
Best XC Skiing:

XC Trail Status

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Run Name Run Rating Grooming Style Last Groomed
Blue Davenport Village
to Skiers Crossing
Green Skiers Crossing
to Wire Plain
Green Wire Plain
to Whiskey Flat
Green Whiskey Flat
to Dinner Plain
Black Charlies Trail
Blue Christmas Hill
Blue Telemark Hill Loop
Blue Ryans Folly
Blue Big Spur Trail
Green Wonderland Trail
Blue Rowed's Run
Blue Race Link
Blue Biathlon Trail
Green Hurley's Hoot
Blue Dargo Lookout Loop
Blue Billy Howard Trail

Run Rating Legend

Excellent: Good deep cover with fresh surface
Very Good: Good deep cover
Good: Complete cover with occasional obstacle
Fair: Mostly continuous snow cover with some obstacles
Poor: Mostly continuous snow cover with numerous obstacles
Patchy: Patchy cover, insufficient for XC skiing
Closed: Closed

This report reflects conditions at the stated date and time.
Conditions subsequent to this report may differ.