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New Development

Lessee may propose new development on their lease at any time, or as part of their Business Plan.  The Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme sets out what can be done at Hotham.

1) Almost all development land at Hotham is in one of four Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) areas

  1. Hotham Village
  2. Inter Urban Break
  3. Davenport Great Alpine Road Frontage
  4. Davenport Oversnow

The CDPs are part of the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme and give guidelines about what can be built.

2) The Minister for Planning is responsible for planning and permits.

This is done via DSE Alpine Planning in  Benalla. Almost all building work and vegetation removal requires a permit. It also requires landlord approval from the Board.  Once you have established what you wish to do and checked it against the CDP for your site, you should first discuss your proposed development with the Board before discussing it with DSE Alpine Planning staff at Benalla.

3) Once you have landlord approval and a planning permit, you will need building approval for the details of construction work.

Capital Ingoing Charges are a once off fee ($330 per m2 in the financial year to 31 October 2011) charged for new buildings as their contribution for infrastructure.