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Mt Hotham Strategic Management Plan 2013-2018

Great News!!! Mt Hotham Strategic Management Plan 2013-2018 has been released as a public document after being approved and gazetted by the Minister. We are all excited about the future of Hotham and what it presents.

The Board would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the contributors who gave up their time to participate in the public consultations and provided us with your submissions & feedback. We are proud to have such a dedicated community who express their ideas and visions for the Resort.

To continue Hotham’s thrilling journey into the future the Board will be facilitating further consultation on the Draft Resort Master Plan during winter 2014. We hope to see you all there.

To download your copy of the plan and the Considerations Paper please click on the links below.


PDFMt_Hotham_Strategic_Management_Plan_2013_2018.pdf (14333 KB)

PDFConsiderations_Paper_from_SMP_Consultation_2013.pdf (600 KB)