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Environmental Management

The Resort Management Board’s commitment to environmental management is expressed in its’ mission statement:

To manage the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort in a manner that is environmentally sustainable and economically viable for the social benefit of current and future generations.  The Board’s primary objective is to ensure sustainable environmental policies and management practices are maintained across the resort to enhance and protect the natural systems and its rare and valuable biodiversity for future generations to enjoy.  The  Board seeks to achieve these objectives by promoting ecologically sustainable development (ESD) and environmental protection and incorporating environmental considerations into all aspects of planning and it’s decision making process while also considering economic and social values.

Driven by key public policies including the Alpine Resorts 2020 Strategy,  the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999), the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (1988), Victoria’s Biodiversity Strategy and Native Vegetation Management: A Framework for Action; the Board is currently developing a revised Environmental Management Strategy  based on ISO 14004 guidelines and aimed at reducing environmental impacts from resort operations.  The Mount Hotham Stormwater Management Plan sets a framework to improve environmental management of stormwater within the resort and alleviate associated pollution issues.  The Board is also developing a Native Vegetation Offset Management Plan to establish a framework for native vegetation management and conservation.