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Summer at Hotham and Dinner Plain

Escape the heat of summer and discover the alpine region

Summer is a great time to explore Hotham and the surrounding alpine region. A variety oftracks, trails and roads are suited to access some of Australia’s best views, unique flora and fauna and some of the regions richest history. Be for hiking, motorcycling, horseriding, cycling and x-country mountain biking, just grab a pack and go, saddle up and explore or get on a bike and head out for an adventure. Suited to all fitness levels, age groups and interests, Hotham and Dinner Plain have something for everyone to discover.

Check out our What's On Page to find out what's happening in Hotham and Dinner Plain this week.

7 Insider tips for discovering Mt Hotham

  1. Incredible sunsets: located 1750m above sea level and on the top of a ridgeline, plan your day to make the most of the sunset. For the hotspots, allow 15 - 30 minutes to walk to the top of Summit, or get in early for a beverage and sun lounge on the deck at the General Hotel.

  2. Get fuel before you go, whilst you are at it, make sure your tyre pressure is good to go.

  3. Pack wisely: weather can change quickly in this extreme microclimate and although it is fascinating to watch, it’s no fun if you get caught out. Sunscreen, hat and walking shoes are first priority. It is always good to have a jacket and some warm pants because cool changes can arrive quickly during the day and frequently in the evening.

  4. Activities: take a pack of cards for the evening, a frisbee, your tennis racquet or the bikes (or hire them up here for $25 per day) and make the most of the environment and people you are with by spending time outside or unplugged from the television and phones, you will be surprised how refreshed you will feel.

  5. There is a new website it has heaps of guides including 4x4 trails, walking tracks, cycling and trail running. Stop at the chain fitting bays on the way up and read the signs. We were not the first ones to get here and the history is nothing short of remarkable.

  6. Its approximately 10 degrees cooler up at Hotham than at sea level… our altitude means better snow for longer and naturally cooler temps all.year.round.

  7. Help preserve it for generations to come. Take only photos and don’t even leave footprints.


Seek out the freshness of the high country and enjoy a cool summer change. You might not realise that fresh tracks aren’t just limited to the snow season. Driving along ridgelines and secret valleys is also pretty inspiring. If you have a 4x4 have a look at what is out there with the new 4x4 self-guided booklet and website.

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