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Beyond Hotham


Mt Hotham plays host to some of the most sought after destinations and challenging 4WD destinations in the High Country and is the perfect base to uncover the raw natural beauty and fascinating history of the Alpine area. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting this adventure style event and building the Beyond Hotham 4WD fraternity. Sharing these experiences with you has been a fantastic journey.

Four-wheel driving at Mt Hotham has been a big hit since the inception of Beyond Hotham in 2008, and it just keeps getting better! The stunning ridgelines, creek crossings and endless valleys are a playground of fun making it one of Australia’s most famous and accessible 4WD destinations.

The annual week-long event no longer runs, however, the program now offers greater availability in the form of a downloadable self-touring guide.

The Beyond Hotham self-guided tour book was released in late 2015 and enables already confident four-wheel drivers to access the most scenic regions of the Alpine National Park at their own pace and convenience. With route guides, distances, expected durations and a number of technical tips it has never been easier to get out there and into Mt Hotham’s most secret and secluded places!

For a downloadable copy of the self-touring guide click here.


Mount Hotham Treks

Grant Historic Area



A variety of vehicle and walking tracks wander through the forgotten goldfields of Grant and the Crooked River. Little remains of the once thriving townships, but it is still possible to find crumbling chimneys, cemeteries and rusted machinery hidden throughout the bush.






Blue Rag Range

 From the Dargo High plains you can travel out to the Blue Rag Range trig, then drive into the valley below via Basalt Knob up to the Red carrriage. Leaving the ridge line, once again, you can follow Ritchie Rd into the valleys, emerging back onto the Dargo High Plains Rd.  






White Timber Spur, Talbotville, Grant and Dargo

  Starting on the Dargo high plains road, you can drop into the valleys along Ritchie Rd up to the Red Carriage. Following the ridges before dropping into Talbotvill, then back up to the Grant historic area and Dargo.





Crooked River

  From the Dargo High Plains Rd you can travel through the Grant historic area before dropping into the Crooked River for multiple water crossings before reaching Talbotville. Continuing along the Crooked River to the Wonnangatta River junction and then into Dargo.




 Page updated: 20/10/17