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Tips for Skiing

Hotham Ski & Ride School Skiing Tips

If you are new to skiing or would like to take your skiing to the next level why not book a lesson with Hotham's Ski & Ride School.  There are lessons for all ages and abilities.   Here are a few tips to get your started...

Tip One

Stand up on your skis with knees slightly bent. No matter what your skiing level, try to keep your hips above your feet. There should be a nice vertical line starting with your feet, then knees and shoulders. You will know you are sitting back if you have burning thighs. Try to make sure you have your ankles bent too and remember that you should feel contact with the front of your boots.

Tip Two 

If you feel your tails skidding out you may be too far forward. Make sure you are bending both your ankle and knee. Try some jump turns to make sure you are in the middle of the ski. 

Tip Three 

If you feel that you are skidding the whole ski then you need to work on your angulation. This means putting your skis on edge but moving your knees and or hips into the hill whilst keeping your upper body balanced over the outside ski. 

Tip Four

When attempting short turns you need as few moving parts as possible. Make sure your upper body faces downhill, turn your feet and use mainly your knees for edging the skis.

Tip Five

When skiing on steeper terrain you need to control your speed by finishing your turns. A good way to get the correct angulation is to plant your pole as far down the hill as possible. Good turn shape, ie round, helps to control your turns.

Tip Six

On ice it is important to make all your movements as smooth as possible. Try to edge gradually and early but if you do slide make sure you travel down the hill with the skis and do not fall into the hill.

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