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Ski Patrol

To care for people in the snow, Hotham Alpine Resort maintains a skilled Ski Patrol Team throughout the winter months.

Ski Patrol operate to minimise the risk of injury and exposure to hazards for all persons in the resort and to provide assistance for injured or lost persons in the alpine region over winter. This is achieved by constant maintenance of the resort's slopes, monitoring the everchanging conditions in the alpine region, and educating resort visitors on safe and appropriate use. All patrollers are qualified and trained in many aspects of rescue in the Victorian alpine areas and all are trained in advanced emergency care. Mount Hotham Ski Patrol operates with a staff of paid professional full and part time patrollers as well as a large group of dedicated volunteer patrollers.

Patrollers at Mount Hotham are easily recognisable by their uniforms. All patrollers wear red and black with a large white cross on the back and a smaller cross on each arm.

Main Purposes of Ski Patrol

The main purposes of the Mount Hotham Ski Patrol are to:

  • Minimise the risk of injury and exposure to hazards for all resort users
  • To educate resort users about safe and appropriate behavior in the Alpine environment
  • Administer first aid assistance to injured persons on the snow
  • Transfer those requiring further medical attention to the Ambulance Service and then onto the Hotham Medical Centre
  • In conjunction with the Victorian Police and other emergency services to search for and rescue skiers lost in Alpine areas
  • Serve the public with other assistance and skiing information
  • Improve safety standards within the resort.

We also conduct Snow Skills programs designed to increase awareness and educate visitors about the alpine environment. Through the provision of these courses we hope to prepare people for the alps and as a result prevent accidents rather than cure them.


Snow Safety Skills Programs

Mount Hotham Ski Patrol will be offering a variety of Backcountry skills and snow safety courses for the 2016 winter. This leads on from the Snow Survival Skills courses that have run over the past five seasons.

The various courses are coordinated and run by professional Ski Patrollers with over 30 years experience in the Alps. The programs are designed to maximise the enjoyment of a trip to the Alps by increasing awareness of the characteristics of the alpine environment and improving visitor education of safe snow practices

The Mount Hotham Ski Patrol is dedicated to safe holidays at Mount Hotham.

Snow Safety Courses

Mount Hotham Ski Patrol runs Backcounty Snow Safety Skills courses that provide an introduction to the necessary skills and knowledge required for a safe and enjoyable venture into the Australian Alpine backcountry.

The courses are co-ordinated and run by professional Ski Patrollers with over 30 years experience in the Australian Alps and are conducted in the nearby Backcountry of the Hotham Resort with participants spending an evening out in the Hotham Backcountry.

Course participants should be confident in their skiing/riding capability. The course includes lectures and on-snow workshops on topics such as:

  • Preparation
  • Safe Travel
  • Basic Navigation
  • Weather Analysis
  • Terrain
  • Snow Camping

2 Day Back Country Skills Course 2016

Download the 2016 Back Country Skills Course Flyer

Program commences:  9th, 10th & 11th Septmeber 2016 - 5PM Friday.

Contact David Wilson at 

Course Cost: $300.00


Contact the Mount Hotham Ski Patrol

David Wilson 
Phone 03 5759 3550