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Snowboarding Tips

Hotham Ski & Ride School Tips & Tricks for Snowboarding

If you are new to snowboarding or would like to take your riding to the next level why not book a lesson with Hotham's Ski & Ride School.  There are lessons for all ages and abilities.   Here are a few tips to get your started...

Tip One

Beginner snowboarders should aim to ride with a centred stance - have your weight distributed between both feet and look in the direction that you want to go. 

Tip Two

Better control of the board will result from steering your legs to turn the board, rather than using your body to turn the board. 

Tip Three

Practice small jumps and the landing before attempting the bigger hits. Aim to land low and centred. You can increase air time by extending the legs on the takeoff and pulling the board up under you to go for a grab. 

Tip Four

Try varying the size and shape of your turns instead of doing the same turn. This will add variety to runs and make you more versatile on varying terrain. 

Tip Five

Powder on a snowboard can be the best fun when you are a good rider but learning can be frustrating. Aim to keep the nose of the board above the snow and do rhythmic steered turns rather than getting too much edge; think light! 

Tip Six

When attempting railslides start with the rails that are at snow level. Build up slowly on the rails as a fall can hurt. Get the feel of balance whilst sliding on the rail. Good luck! 

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