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teamHOTHAM is the perfect place to develop your ski racing skills.

The Mt Hotham Racing Squad (MHRS – teamHOTHAM) was founded in 1972 as a not for profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of alpine ski racing, for aspiring, established and elite ski racing athletes, and their families. The club is managed by an elected volunteer committee, and has programs designed, managed and implemented by highly qualified, professional coaches.
teamHOTHAM has developed the reputation as one of the leading race training organisations in Australia. Their guiding principle is "to promote, encourage and foster competitive snowsports", and they offer programs from the youngest “Grommets” (5-7 years) to “Race Masters” (18-80 years).
The club’s primary goal is to prepare young athletes mentally, physically and technically to the level that they can compete for national, international and hopefully Olympic selection. The club Alumni includes a number of athletes who have competed at World Cup and Olympic level, including Chri Geiger, who received a Bronze medal with Jess Gallagher at the Sochi Paralympics 2014, and Greta Small who competed in a range of alpine events at Sochi 2014.
teamHOTHAM welcomes skiers of all ages who have a personal desire to "take their own skiing to the next level", from Entry Level (6years) to the competitive Masters (80years) program. School holiday programs are also available to give school-aged children the range of skills necessary to achieve success in their inter schools competitions or improve their technical skills.
If you are a serious racer, thinking of becoming one or simply want to further develop your talents, then the teamHOTHAM will have a program to suit you. As a member of the club, you will benefit in many ways beyond the ski day. The club is very social, open & friendly and you will be mixing with and developing friendships with many like-minded people. You will also enjoy access to the clubhouse at Mt Hotham (including a gym), and be invited to a wide variety of club events.
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